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Gobbolino The Witch's Cat by Ursula Moray Williams (Children's, 7 years +, special reprint, 10/10)

This edition 11th October 2012, MacMillan Children's Books
246 pages, Hardback
Review copy

Themes: life as a witch's cat, life for a cat in different circumstances, kindness and cruelty of people, prejudice, making the best of things, being good vs being evil, occasional mild peril, poorly princess, maiden in a tower with a dilemma, some aw moments and happiness
Summary from MacMillan

The 70th anniversary edition of this classic and timeless tale

No one could mistake Gobbolino for a simple kitchen cat, with his sparky whiskers and magic tricks, but that’s just what the witch’s kitten wants to be. Instead of learning how to turn mice into toads for the witch’s brew, Gobbolino sets out on an adventure to find a family and a home of his own.

Nayuleska's thoughts
I read this book when I was little! My sister had one of Ursula's other books, The Little Wooden Horse - I remember liking the cover for it. I think I remember the illustrations from Gobbolino, which are different to this version. When Gobbolino is a show cat, I had a deja vu moment of a picture with lots of cats in cages with judges around them. The illustrations in this edition are cute - I went aww and my heart felt soft and fluffy whenever I saw the ill-fated (not forever) Gobbolino. 
He is innocent of the way of the world, and wants to be good. Sadly people aren't always a good match for cata, as he found out. It may have been published during the 2nd world war but this 10/10 story is a firm reminder that a cat's character is unique. If you look to rescue a cat try and find one that suits your style. Never open your kitchen to a hobgoblin or chaos will ensue. People can be very prejudicd, but eventually things work out, just as they did for Gobbolino. PS: after writing this review I found a Gobbolino book in my family's loft! How cool - definitely not an orange cover, but still cool.

Ursula died in 2006 
Suggested read
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