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Winx Club: Spotlight on.... Stella!

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Stella often wears this ensemble

It's Friday night, I didn't pre-schedule a review to go up (bad me), so I'm going to chat about one of my favourite shows, which I'm trying to watch every day. I've been waiting to do this post, as Ramadan's over so I'm back watching more dvds. 

Please note: if you haven't watched all the series, there could be some spoilers. I've seen season 1-4 in French several times, currently on season 2. 

My first initial impressions of Stella: an airhead, inconsiderate of others' feelings, obsessed with clothes and beauty. A bit clumsy, and uses her status as a princess to buy her way through life (she was only allowed back to repeat her first year because her parents (who are divorced) agreed to pay for the repairs to the potions lab which Stella totally wrecked. 

Stella in normal clothes - she sometimes wears this green outfit (although not sure if it's in season 2...

How my impression of Stella changed: yes she is fashion obsessed, and can ignore her friends' emotions (especially Layla in season 2). However, her dedication to clothes pays off and is the only way that the Winx solve a tricky puzzle in season 2. In season 3, Stella accepts losing her beauty just so she can receive a gift to help save others. Doing that proves she isn't an airhead. She's the one making sure the girls look good. She's the one who spends several hours preparation before parties just figuring out what to wear - and who Bloom refuses to help unless it's to tidy up all the clothes. Stella just doesn't think - she does deeply care about people, and isn't as air-heady as she appears. Well not all the time. 


Stella's pixie/mini-Fee (French term for Pixie)  Amore adores all things with love, and as Stella loves clothes - well, they get on just fine. It's funny watching Amore help make people get on. Don't think she's all sweet and innocent - when needed she has some good defence tricks to keep herself and the other girls safe. 

Stella & Bloom: as I've already said, Bloom is usually the one to find Stella with clothes all over her room (which she doesn't share with anyone else, despite being right by the other girls in the Winx club), Stella likes to fix Blooms outfits, and Bloom is often the one yelling 'Stella!' when she goes and puts her foot in it. 

Stella & Musa: They do get on, sometimes very well when fighting. However, Stella often makes light of sensitive matters which Musa doesn't wish to discuss, so there occasionally is discord between them. There's no sign of that when they do a duet together at Musa's debut concert! 

Stella & Flora: Currently can't think of anything of memory isn't great! 

Stella & Techna: just as with Musa, Stella sometimes really says the wrong thing to Techna - which Techna doesn't like when Stella is invading Techna's room, and Stella gives her fashion advice that Techna doesn't care for. However, with Techna's technical ability, Stella's powers of the sun can be magnified to an awesome effect. 

Stella & Layla: for a lot of season 2 Stella really puts her foot in it. But she gains her Charmix by helping out Layla, which is a moment which moves me to tears. 

In conclusion, I love Stella heaps, her faults are good for learning lessons about life, and sometimes her airheadedness lightens up really serious situations. 

Stella's fairy transformation in season 1 and part of season 2 

For those of you who are Winx fans, let me know what you think about Stella! 

Next week the spotlight will be on Bloom

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