Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tales From Witch Way Wood: Crash 'N' Bang by Kaye Umansky (7 years +)

April 2011, Bloomsbury
224 pages, Paperback
Review copy 

Children's, 7 years +, humour

Trolls, wrongly identified leprehcorns, dragons, sulking celebrities, unfortunate circumstances, value of friendship, fashionable fairy, lots of humour, tissues are needed twice at the end 

Summary from BloomsburyFilth is Witch Sludgegooey’s Fiend, Arthur the Dragon is precise, meticulous and lives with his mum, and O’Brian is a Leprechaun who is often mistaken for a Pixie. These three very different characters have two things in common – the band they play in (The Witchway Rhythm Boys) and the music they play (Crash ’n’ Bang). But they don’t get a chance to play Crash ’n’ Bang a lot as nobody likes it very much. Until, that is, The Thing in the Moonmad T-shirt becomes their manager and sets their sights higher – on the forthcoming music competition The Battle of the Bands, where they face stiff opposition from some terrifying Skeletons, Trolls and Gnomes.

The narrative is set in Witchway Wood and features welcome appearances for Pongwiffy fans of characters such as Scott Sinister, Ali Pali, Lulu Lamarre and Witch Sludgegooey, as well as the Witchway Rhythm Boys themselves.

With appearances from a Fairy set on revenge, a Werewolf determined to join a band, and a loyal but not very talkative goldfish called Gareth, plus a lot of extremely loud Crash ’n’ Bang, this is a fast-talking, drumstick-rolling, high-octane magical extravaganza!

 Nayuleska's reasons for loving the band...they are a bunch of misfits with troubles, but they pull together and make the most of the situation 

Is there another character who deserves a mention? The fairy! She has attitude, few appearances but her outfits are highly fashionable and cute. 

How evil/nasty was the enemy?
Don't make a fairy mad! Plus celebrities who don't like each other make an interesting read.

Are there plenty of plot twists and surprises?
Although it was clear the doom was set to continue for the band, how the event panned out was a surprise. I cried at the end which was very sweet and I hadn't seen it coming.

My favourite part was
...when the fairy appeared at thr competition, she has the best outfit ever!

This fun unreservedly gets 10/10.

Be sure to check out more of Kaye's books on her website.

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