Thursday 30 December 2010

Anne McCaffrey Reading Challenge 2011

Here are the rights for the logo (copied from Caro's blgo) For my logo I used an artwork from The Pern Museum and Archive (link here

I'm doing this challenge in conjunction with my friend Caro of Portrait of a Woman. It turns out we share favourite authors in Anne McCaffrey. Caro has set up all the fancy stuff for the challenge, I'm just copying and pasting :D 

Edited to add I'm going to try to read one a month. I'd love more but life's changed and I've got to be realistic. 

When I was younger (at sixth form), I tried reading one of the dragons of Pern books. I didn't enjoy it. I did enjoy a few others by her. 

I now feel that I would enjoy the dragon series. However, she's already written a lot of books. And I'm working on other challenges. So, I will try and read the Pern series in 2012. For 2011, I'm going to try and read all her other books. Unlike Caro I'm not going to try and read certain books in a quarter. I'm making it more challenging and aiming for monthly reads :) 

  • January: I am reading all of the Acorna series, for a special project on 2nd week of Jan (more coming up in a few days. These include 
    • Acorna (31st Dec 2010I've read this one now. Loved it just as much as when I last read it! Link to follow. And yes this will count to the challenge cos I have to read all of them before the third week of Jan. Ideally before the 2nd week.) 
    • Acorna's Quest - 6th Jan, I've read this! 
    • Acorna's People - can't remember the date for this one but I've read this! 
    • Acorna's World - 14th Jan, I've read this! 
    • Acorna's Search - 16th Jan - read this! 
    • Acorna's Rebels
    • Acorna's Triumphs 
  • Also the trilogy about Acorna's children
    • First Warning
    • Second Wave
    • Third Watch
The exact order will depend on availability of the books. I aim to read the following 
  • Young Adult Fantasy
    • An Exchange of Gifts
    • No One Noticed the Cat
    • If Wishes were Horses
    • Black Horses for the King
  • Doona series
    • Decision at Doona
    • Crisis on Doona
    • Treaty at Doona
  • The Petaybee Series
    • Powers Trilogy
      • Powers That Be
      • Power Lines
      • Power Play
    • The Twins of Petaybee
      • Changelings
      • Maelstrom
      • Deluge
  • The Brain & Brawn Ship series
    • The Ship Who Sang
    • PartnerShip
    • The Ship Who Searched
    • The City Who Fought
    • The Ship Who Won
  • The Planet Pirates Trilogy
    • Sassinak
    • The Death of Sleep
    • Generation Warriors
  • Dinosaurs Planet series (can be bought as 2 books in 1)
    • Dinosaur Planet
    • Dinosaur Planet Survivors
  • Standalone novels
    • Restoree
    • The Coelura
    • A Diversity of Dragons
    • Nimisha’s Ship
  • The Barque Cat Series
    • Catalyst
    • Catacombs
  • The Talents series
    • To Ride Pegasus
    • Pegasus in Flight
    • Pegasus in Space
The following books I have read before (at least 3-5 times each...) , so if I run out of time I won't read them in 2011. 
  • The Tower and Hive series
    • The Rowan
    • Damia
    • Dami’s Children
    • Lyon’s Pride
    • The Tower and the Hive
  • Crystal Singer series 
    • Crystal Singer
    • Killashandra
    • Crystal Line
  • The Freedom Series
    • Freedom’s Landing
    • Freedom’s Choice
    • Freedom’s Challenge
    • Freedom’s Ransom 
I will update this post (and post links to the updates) as the year progresses. You may wish to join me and Caro - her page has more details :)  Please check out Anne's website