Sunday, 24 October 2010

Skate School #3: Stars on Ice by Kay Woodward

September 2010, Usborne Children's Books
224 pages, Paperback,
Review copy

Ice skating, school friendships, mild romance, reality tv

Summary from Usborne Children's books
Things are hotting up at Skate School and Frankie’s got her sights set on gold at the World Championships. She’s also falling for the gorgeous Dylan. When they skate together it’s magic. The problem is that any hint of romance is strictly forbidden by their coach so Frankie and Dylan end up skating with each other in secret…

Nayuleska's thoughts
I settled down to read this I think after a busy day at work, because the last book I read by Kay (Book 1 - I haven't read book 2 yet) was such a fun read. I could tell that although Frankie still hadn't been at skate school long, she'd developed her skills as a skater, and her relationship with her classmates quite a bit from book the end of book one. I loved diving back into her world, experiencing every stumble, smooth glide and imperfect jumps. What makes this term at skate school interesting is that the school is featuring as a skate documentary, to encourage others to skate. The cameras are supposed to only film in certain areas, but desperate for more behind the scenes action, that doesn't always happen. This puts Frankie in a difficult position - I can see what she should have done, but she's still quite young and naturally follows her heart not her head. I guessed why events took a particular turn, but poor Frankie didn't figure this out until it was revealed to her. Her family and friends are brilliant though, supporting her through the tough time of being famous. Frankie's constant rival Scarlett loves being centre stage, and does all she can to get Frankie into trouble. Only it backfires on her, which had me laughing very hard!

I feel that this is a stronger book than book one. The most magical moment was near the end, when a dream comes true for Frankie and her classmates. I was welling up with tears at the excitement and at one point nearly couldn't read on due to the words blurring. Another great part about this book is that slowly, little by little, Frankie gets to see beneath Madame's frosty interior. With every book more about Madame's history comes out, which explains why she has such a vested interest in Frankie. I think I was a little surprised that Frankie wasn't punished too harshly by Madame, but I think in some ways Madame knew there was a limit to how far Frankie could be pushed. She wants her students to do well. Frankie isn't beyond reproach, and does get her share of a rough time in this book.

Final conclusion
This ice filled book will warm your heart, especially now as winter is drawing in. Book #4, Going for Gold is coming out very soon!

Make sure you've read the first book in the Skate School series, Ice Princess


Luisa at Chicklish said...

I adore this series, and I absolutely loved book 3. Thanks for a great review!

Nayuleska said...

Looking forward to book 4 in December :) It's a series I'll read for gloomy days.