Saturday, 24 April 2010

School Friends: Dreams at Silver Spires by Ann Bryant

March 2010, Usborne
160 pages, Paperback
Review Copy

Children's, 9+, school story

Cushions: 1
Smiles: 5
Tears: 1
Nayuleska's recommended rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Summary from Usborne

A TV crew has come to Silver Spires to film a documentary! But Emily’s more interested in her plan to make the school eco-friendly than the cameras popping up everywhere. The trouble is, putting her plan into action attracts the attention of the film crew – and the school’s biggest attention-seeker, Jet, is not happy that Emily’s stealing all the limelight. Emily’s teachers aren’t happy either, when they realize that her eco-efforts are taking priority over her classes. Will Emily’s dreams be brought crashing down around her?

Just like Success at Silver Spires, Dreams at Silver Spires is another fun read. I haven't read of a film crew in a boarding school before, and it provided great entertainment. Jet is hilarious, its all too easy to picture her personality type, trying to grab all the moments of fame that she can. I think it's a good lesson that Emily, who just wants to help save the world the best she can, is the real star of the show. She has some great ideas, but learns there is more to ideas than the means to carry them out. Logistics have to be taken into account - time, money and manpower are three areas Emily has to work on.

Time causes a few issues: she is first and foremost a school girl. I like how the issues of what happens if you do skip class are explored. It's not a good thing, and won't necessarily make a person popular. Not only does Emily make the mistake of gardening in class time, but her way of funding the project also brings the teachers' wrath on her. So, don't cut class, and listen carefully to what people say. Try not to just pick out the parts you want to hear. Those are my pieces of advice for the day!

I was tearing up at the end - I love happy endings! Especially this one. Go read it!

Ann Bryant can be found on her website.

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