Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Author Interview with Ilona Andrews

I'm pleased to present the authors of On The Edge, book one in The Edge Series (to be reviewed tomorrow, hopefully) and the popular Kate Daniels series. Thank you Ilona and Gordon for taking the time to answer this interview request. You write books that make me laugh and gasp. (I prefer The Edge a little more than Kate Daniels). Enjoy

1) Ilona Andrews isn't one writer, but two (Ilona and Gordon). Could you tell us a little about the writing process - do you both have specific areas of a book which you write? Or do you bounce around ideas then one of you types them down?

Ilona: We usually bounce ideas around before we start actual writing just so we know where we're going. We don't so much write specific areas of the book but rather we plot together, then I write the first draft and Gordon edits it and changes it. We may pass the chapters between us four or five times before settling on an acceptable version.

2) Your latest novel, On the Edge, involves Rose and her awesome power of flashing. Rose is very good at it - better than she realizes, yet it doesn't rule her world. Where did the concept from flashing come from?

Ilona: I'm not quite sure. I guess, it's just a primal burst of energy, a whip of magic, and to me if there was such a thing, it would resemble a whip made out of lightning.

3) Continuing with On the Edge, where did the idea come from to have Rose look after her two, rather special, brothers (rather than having her single)? Additionally where did the idea for both George (to use his name from the end of the book) and Jack's powers come from?

Ilona: UF as a genre is often criticized for the lack of families. We wanted to show that having a family doesn't necessarily makes things easier. As to powers, their embodiments of the boys: George is a worrier, one who usually obeys the rules, but who has a big heart and Jack is a wild, almost feral boy. Their powers fit their personalities.

4) On the Edge is full of humor, some tear producing moments and lots of action. Are you able to tell us anything about the next book in this series?

Ilona: The next book centers on William, and his search to find a place for himself. William so desperately wanted a family. Well, he gets one. And it's way more than he bargained for.

5) How, and in what ways has becoming published changed your lives?

Ilona: We're extremely fortunate that we are able to write full time. Becoming writers, I guess, taught us to better budget our money and to better budget our time. If you aren't careful, you end up always working.

Gordon: We get to go to Cons like Armadillo Con this year and Opus Con last year. We get to stay home and hangout with each other and drink tea which is pretty cool.

6) What happens in a typical writing day for you both?

We get up, eat breakfast, get the girls to school, work out, write, write, write, eat, write, write, write, hug the girls when they get home, cook dinner, eat, watch anime with the kids, and go to bed. We're pretty boring.

8) A few random questions: Can you write through any distraction (music/children/fire alarm set off by burning toast etc) or do you need silence? What is your favorite writing snack/drink?

Ilona: I used to be able to tune things out, but the more tired I am or the more difficult is the scene, the less noise I can tolerate. I prefer very quiet music or silence in the background. As to drink, it's hot tea :)

Gordon: I drink tea with Ilona but I am quite fond of beer as well. I listen to music with my headphones on as Ilona needs silence or at least ambient noise.

Well, I certainly approve of drinking tea, and of the books. Ilona Andrews has an extensive website here.


Unknown said...

Hi :)
Thank you for the interview with Ilona & Gordon. It was fun & interesting to learn about one of my favorite writing teams.
All the best,

Nayuleska said...

You're welcome. Receiving On the Edge spurred me to read Kate 1-3 :)