Monday, 31 August 2009

Changeling: Dark Moon by Steve Feasey

August 2009, MacMillan Children's Books
327 pages
Review copy

YA, urban fantasy, horror (mild)

Cushions: 5/5
Daggers: 3/5
Tissues: 4/5
Yunaleska's recommended rating: ♥♥♥♥♥+

Warning: contains a few spoilers because it assumes the reader has read the first book, Changeling.

Continuing from Changeling, Trey's life is far from peaceful. Lucian's brother, Caliban, is still after him. Trey is still a werewolf. The biggest difference which launches him into his next adventure is Lucien, who isn't waking from his coma. Alexa, his daughter, will do anything to save him. Even if that includes going up against the most powerful sorceress on earth, who has teamed up with Caliban in an attempt to wreck havoc upon the human population.

Those issues on their own make Trey's life a little difficult. Add an annoying sorcerer named Charles who antagonises him and thinks little of him, oh and who Trey has to learn magic spells from, plus a traitor in the midst of Lucien's demon organisation - there isn't exactly a quiet moment in the second installment of the Changeling trilogy.

I enjoyed the verbal sparring between Trey and Charles, and how the identity of the sorceress provided emotional difficulties for the characters. I love Alexa as a character - although she's not the protagonist, she features a lot and manages some pretty cool moves in fights. Favourite scene with her: a car, Tom, and a swarm of SPOILER.

As for Tom - well, the Irishman has the best supply of weapons in the book. And manages to get Trey to like them. I liked how Trey was scared of using a gun, and did all he could to avoid learning to use it. This strikes me as realistic - not all heros love guns (at first).

What I liked most of all was the side story of a secondary character who was doomed to die once they discovered a particular fact. I prayed so hard they would survive, but it wasn't meant to be. Their demise did surprise me though, which was a nice twist. It's a good example of how secondary characters are vital to a plot, and play almost an equally important role as the protagonist.

The tissue rating shot sky high because a well loved (well, I loved the character) dies. The sacrifice they give, considering all that went on before that particular scene, had me crying away. I wish they hadn't died, but it will make what happens in book three (out February 2010) very touching. Losing someone will add to Trey and his friends' fighting spirit.

Fans of 'things that go boom' will be happy with this book, as will zombie lovers, those who are fond of weapons (myself included), magic and vampires. Just make sure you have a box of tissues nearby.

Steve Feasey's website is here.

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