Friday, 7 May 2021

Review: Fletcher and the Falling Leave by Julia Rawlinson and Tiphanie Beeke

  October 2020, Graffeg, Hardback, 28 pages, Review copy 

Summary from Graffeg

As the Autumn season sets in, Fletcher is very worried – his beautiful tree has begun to loose all of its leaves. Whatever Fletcher attempts to do to save them, it’s simply no use. When the final leaf falls, Fletcher feels hopeless… until he returns the next day to a glorious sight.

A tender, uplifting tale about acceptance and hope for the future.

Nayu's houghts

I adore foxes so couldn't say no to reviewing this cute book. Fletcher looks so happy on his swing in the autumn with leaves blowing all around. The same can't be said for most of the story: Fletcher is always cute and the soft illustrations capture the reds and oranges that autumn brings. However Fletcher is worried for most of the story: he can't understand why the tree is losing its leaves. I never thought what autumn could seem like to someone who has never witnessed trees shedding leaves which is a natural process. Fletcher goes to great lengths to keep the leaves on the tree, his emotions are heartwarming and he gets so worried when other animals 'steal' them alongside the wind. 

His mother simply says it's part of autumn and therefore nothing to worry about, but Fletcher's lack of experience and understanding of the seasons means he does worry. The end is a happy one as he realises that with the frost and ice, even leafless the tree is beautiful. Definitely a story that will raise discussion on what happens in the season and while it may seem odd, it is entirely natural and the leaves will regrow on trees the following spring. 

Find out more on Julia's website and Tiphanie's website.

Suggested read

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