Sunday, 30 August 2015

Book announcement: Historium by Jo Nelson and Richard Wilkinson

 I'd like to introduce you to Historium! This isn't a review yet, as I'm awaiting the arrival of my copy, but I wanted to share the info and the trailer with you about this fun ancient history themed read. My degree was Ancient History. To this day I only have to see fragments of pots and I get a silly grin on my face! There's something about shards and fragments which makes me very happy. Apart from the odd book for review these days I don't deal with ancient history, but I'm still fond of it. I hope you like the sound of this book - all the particulars are below, including a trailer for it.

About Historium
Big Picture Press 
Published September 2015  
Discover more than 140 historical exhibits in this virtual museum,  open all hours! Welcome to the museum!  Here you will find a collection of objects from ancient civilisations.  

As you wander from room to room, explore the magnificence of what civilisations have left behind over thousands of years of human history. With over 100 full colour, immaculately detailed pages, featuring great works of art and fascinating everyday objects from across six continents. 

Each object in Historium is beautifully illustrated and paired with text that explains their story and importance - the ultimate gift for book and history lovers!  
Historium is the second title in the Welcome to the Museum series, and the long awaited follow-up to the Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Year 2014, Animalium (Big Picture Press, 2014).   

About the author: 
Jo Nelson is an editor and writer from the UK. She has written non-fiction titles across a variety of genres including   science, history and biography. 

About the illustrator: 
 Richard Wilkinson is a UK based illustrator. After brief careers as an electronic musician, sound designer, motion-graphics designer and then commercials production, Richard decided to return to his first love and embarked on a career as a freelance illustrator in 2006. Since then he has worked in many aspects of illustration  including b ooks, magazines and advertising and has worked for clients including the New Scientist.   

Book cover

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