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Phoebe Alleyn and the Quantum Sorcerer by S P Brown (Children's, 9 years +)

April 2012, 
Review copy

Themes: quantum physics, superpowers (travel, telepathy), bond between triplets, mean girls at school, bullying, kidnap, world domination plans, family secrets, all is not as it seems, lots of high peril moments, occasional swearing, some violence

Book summary   
Phoebe Alleyn is one of a set of triplets, and she's got enough problems on her hands in the ordinary world, with a sister who can't keep out of fights and a stressed mom whose demanding job as a history professor must be balanced with her role as a single parent since Phoebe's father died. 

Smart and sensible, Phoebe takes more responsibility for her family than your average 13 year old. But then strange things start happening, bizarre dreams and unusual occurrences that would look like magic, if only Phoebe believed in that sort of thing. 

When news reports start claiming that the moon is orbiting much closer to earth than it should, Phoebe realizes that all these alarming changes are part of a much bigger problem, one that puts her siblings and her mother, and eventually the whole world in danger. The Alleyn triplets find they have a race against time on their hands, in which they must master their surprising new powers in order to protect life as they know it.

Nayuleska's thoughts
I think I'll need to reread this book at a time when I'm not so exhausted. I liked some of the characterisations, especially Di's attitude but I felt it wasn't shown enough. Phoebe ventured over to the dark side of mind control, which her siblings warned her against but she didn't feel truly repentent to me. Sometimes the pacing slowed and the plot fell flat, and some sentences didn't make much sense.

I do think that this wasn't the right time for me to read a serious book with clever, intricate concepts based on science. The more I got lost due to fatigue making it hard to focus, the more I didn't understand why characters did certain things.

The way I feel about it now has me rating this as 6/10, but I'm pretty sure read at the right time it will be 8 or even 9/10. Here's a more positive review

Suggested reading

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